• Secrets hidden in pearls
  • Secrets hidden in lava
  • Secrets hidden in opal

inspiring and
innovative treasures

collier sunlight

south see pearls – fire opals – fancy yellow heart shaped diamonds carefully protected by beryl glass lenses

Lava treasure

pink sapphire and garnet grossular heart shaped – crystal lens

fascinating luminosity

peridot spirit sun – diamonds – blue diamond – morganite – emerald – south sea pearl with 2 diamonds heart shaped – aquamarin glass lens

a couple

white coral – 2 natural golden 3 mm south sea pearls – beryl lens

heaven and star

rock crystal satined – blue diamond – 750 gold star – diamonds

collier black and white

freshwater pearls – lava and rock crystal with rubilith heart inside

jade desire

8 pink sapphire dancing behind chinese letter sign "8" – topas glass lens – emerald – 750 gold

two continents – one love

mississippi pearls and australien pearls with opal Inlays – 750 gold tahitian pearl pendant peacock colour drop shaped – two diamonds heart shaped – aquamarine glass lens

for the one and only

south sea pearl – emerald heart shaped – topas lens – 750 gold – diamonds

sensual elegance – wings and more: 3 pendants

south sea pearl – 4 diamonds heart shaped – tahitian pearl drop – rock crystal – rubilith heart shaped – opal inlays – morganite – diamonds – 750 gold

burning snowflake

obsidian – topas imperial context cut – rock crystal lens
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She shares her discoveries…

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