Treasure Box

We share it, when we wear it.
We share the beauty of it.
But we share only half of the secret behind – the visible part. 

the idea

She had the idea for the Treasure Boxes in 1998, when she invented the MagicPearls®. At that time it was too complicated to realize these ideas. The technique to produce series from different kind of pearls and gems and crystals was not available. It took her years of research and patience with the development of technique. Now she knows all the possibilities and needs to realize the million designs for the Treasure Boxes to keep the secrets intimate and visible at the same time.

the materials

The Treasure Box is a sphere of all kind of materials such as pearls, gems, wood and more. The covering lens protects and covers the treasuries inside, without hiding them.
The Treasure Box is a sphere with room inside for treasuries. A covering crystal, such as translucent sapphire, beryl, rock crystal, glass protect them. The lens shape makes them visible at the same time. The result is not happy diamonds under a flat transparent covering. It is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery, which makes the uniqueness of the person who wears it visible and fascinating. It is a very personal sensual unique piece of jewellery.

the secrets

It is a very personal treasure with invisible personal meanings behind. Such as love stories, birthdays, anniversaries, children, real fairy tales, life. The appearance changes with every movement of the person who wears it, because the treasures which are inside the sphere, are moving in all directions under the translucent covering which follows the outline. The most surprising moment is, that this piece of jewellery – no matter if it is a pearl or a gem, wood or lava or crystal – has a window which allows to have a look inside the sphere.

utility models / registered designs in Europe, United States, China.

treasure boxes